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The WebFIDS module allows the publishing of real-time flight information on the airport's web page.

The WebFIDS main page has been designed to viewed, not only on computer browsers but also mobile devices. The WebFIDS page will automatically reformat its data and auto-size in the horizontal dimension to fit the screen size of the viewing device. It will rescale both fonts and images to suit the viewing device. WebFIDS has been successfully tested on a cross-section of mobile devices.

Many filtering options are available, for example by Airline, by Origin or Destination, by flight type (Passenger or Cargo) and by International or Domestic flights.

WebFIDS has multilingual capability. The WebFIDS page can be configured for multiple languages, allowing the end user to select his or her preferred language. Additionally WebFIDS can be configured to display ports (origins and destinations) in the language of the port.

For examples of our different WebFIDS pages, just click on one of the flags shown above. Select one of the "Multilingual" pages to see ports shown in the language of the port.